2023-2024 Prices and Services

Full Service Options:

Full Service Bath Services: Bath with premium shampoo and conditioner, hand dry, comb out, nail trim & file, ear cleaning. Face, feet and/or sanitary trimming included for dogs when requested or when needed.

Full Service Groom Services: Bath with premium shampoo and conditioner, hand dry, comb out, nail trim & file, ear cleaning, requested or necessary haircut.

Below are full service prices. You can receive up to 25% off full price, if your appointments are spaced 8 weeks apart or less. For example, most small dogs are priced at $75 for a full haircut when seen every 8 weeks or less. When appointments stretch out to longer than 8 weeks apart, the full price applies.

Short Hair Bath Long Hair Bath Full Haircut
60-75 70-95 95-120
75-100 95-120 120-160
100-120 120-150 160-180
120-130 150-180 180-220
130+ 180+ 220+

*All prices are subject to increases based on time since last groom, condition and behavior of the dog, and style of grooming requested or needed. These are base rates only, prices are custom to each service provided.*

Need to know information:

    • I am a luxury, all-inclusive one-on-one groomer. Appointments begin at the appointment time and take one to two hours at most, depending on the size and condition of the pet. Kennel time is limited to the time spent waiting for pickup.
    • Ear plucking is available by request only, it is not done automatically.
    • I do not do gland expression. If your dog needs glands done, that’s a veterinary procedure.
    • Please note that double coated dogs are not dogs that get a haircut on their jacket (body). They can receive feather trims (trimming up legs, underside, ears, feet) if requested.
    • I am not currently taking new clients over 100lbs.
    • I do not currently groom cats.

A la carte options

(Trim + File)
15 Face Trim 10
Ear Cleaning 10 Sanitary Trim 10
Pads/Feet Trim 10

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