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What Groomers Want Pet Parents to Know:
Building a Bridge Between Groomers and Pet Parents
By Morgan Clemens

“Why does my groomer ______ ?”

Grooming your pet is an important part of being a pet parent, but sometimes dealing with a groomer can be a bit difficult, right?

Sometimes you have no clue what they are doing or why.

Reality is grooming your pet isn’t as simple as “a haircut”. It may start with how they look but your pet’s groom is much less about how they look and much more about how they feel and their overall health. 

Morgan Clemens has been a pet groomer since 2011, grooming dogs and cats alike. She is here to share her insights into the day to day life of a groomer and clear up many of the common confusions and frustrations that tend to rise between groomers and pet parents.

From dogs to cats, and from start to finish, this book will tell you what to expect when you go to the groomer, the names of the different types of haircuts they offer, why groomers don’t always do what you want them to and more. 

She’s going to put all the truths, lessons, miscommunications and frustrations on the table to help you create the best experience possible for you, your groomer and especially your pet. To create the single most important result any pet parent should want…

A happy, healthy & beautiful pet.