Here’s my obligatory statement:

I’m not a medical professional. I am a professional groomer with 10+ years of experience, and what I post here is simply my opinion. While I have attended certification courses and continuing education seminars, that doesn’t mean you should take every piece of advice I give on this website to heart.

Do what works for you and your pet. Each situation is different, and any health concerns relating to your pet should be addressed to a licensed veterinarian. Groomers cannot diagnose illnesses or health concerns of any kind, that’s veterinarian territory. We can only advise you on what we see and send you to a vet for a medical opinion.

Always ask questions of your pet groomer, dog trainer, dog walker, dog sitter, dog breeder, veterinarian, etc. Anyone you take your pet to or trust with your pet should be willing to take the time to answer your questions about their experience, the services they offer, what they’re going to do with your pet and why. If they won’t, maybe they aren’t the professional for you.