Frequently Asked Questions


There is no legal need for certification in grooming, but I am certified through International Professional Groomers (IPG) as an Advanced Professional Groomer (APG).
(1) Full Service Bath Services: Bath with premium shampoo and conditioner, hand dry, comb out, nail trim & file, ear cleaning. Face, feet and/or sanitary trimming included for dogs when requested. (2) Full Service Groom Services: Bath with premium shampoo and conditioner, hand dry, comb out, nail trim & file, ear cleaning, requested or necessary haircut. (3) A La Carte Services: nail trim and file, face trim, foot trim, sanitary trim, ear cleaning.
The best way to make an appointment is to book online through this website, or visit and link from there. You are also welcome to text me at (208)917-3518.
My normal schedule is 8am-4pm Sunday, Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.
I am available to do a la carte services but I do not take walk-ins. I'm happy to setup a time for you to come in for a nail trim, face or sanitary trim, etc., just send me a message at (208)917-3518, or respond to your appointment confirmations.
I communicate primarily via text message. I respond to messages as I have time to on the days I work. This is usually on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday or Thursday between 8am and 4pm.
My service agreement can be found here.
Dogs need to be groomed every 8 weeks or less to be considered on a regular schedule. An extended groom means they have been out of the salon for longer than 8 weeks. They may not be used to the environment and need more time, attention, care, and product than a dog that's on a regular grooming schedule. There's an automatic fee for an extended groom. Once the dog goes back on a regular schedule, the fee is removed.

Annual Price Adjustment

Price adjustments will take effect annually on September 1st.
Price adjustments are necessary in order to keep providing you the time, quality and expertise you've come to expect for your pet(s).
All prices for all services are adjusted annually.
Each price is customized for each service, but for a general range for each pet, you can visit this page. If you would like a specific price for your pet, please reach out to me by texting (208)917-3518 or respond to your appointment confirmations.